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A according to the prescribing information available for metoprolol lopressor, toprol xl , nightmares have been reported.

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If you have any of these side effectsstop taking metoprolol and call your doctor right awayShortness of breath Wheezing Swelling of the handsfeetanklesor lower legs Unusual weight gain Fainting Rapidpoundingor irregular heartbeat.

AMetoprololLopressorToprol XLis classified in a class of drugs called beta-blockersBeta-blockers are used to treat anginachest painand hypertensionhigh blood pressureBeta-blockers are also used to treat or prevent heart attackThey work by improving circulationblood flow through arteries and veinsand regulating heart rateAccording to drug informationapproved by the U.SFood and Drug AdministrationFDAmetoprolol has been reported to decrease libido in some patientsThe most common side effects of metoprolol include dizzinessconstipationdiarrheadry mouthgasheadacheheartburnlightheadednessdrowsinessmuscle achesnauseaand trouble sleepingResearch shows that in addition to medicationsdiet and exercise can significantly reduce blood pressureYour physician may recommend lifestyle changes such as moderate exercise along with a diet of mostly vegetableswhole grainsand fruits for better blood pressure control and health outcomesFor more specific informationconsult with your doctorparticularly before taking any actionBurton DunawayPharmD.

AMetoprolol is a beta-blocker commonly used in the treatment of high blood pressurehypertensionheart failuremigraine preventionanginaand atrial flutterCommon side effects associated with metoprolol can include dizzinessnauseavomitingrashinsomnialow blood pressurelow glucose levelsheadachefatigueconstipationblurred vision and abdominal painSigns and symptoms of an allergic reaction to metoprolol could include difficulty breathinghivesswelling of the facelipstongueor throatGet emergency medical help if you are having these symptomsOther serious side effects that should be reported to your physician are chest painpounding heartbeatsfeeling light-headedfeeling short of breath with even mild exertionswelling of your feet or handsunusual bleedingwheezingtrouble breathingdepressionconfusionand memory problemsThis is not a complete list of side effects for metoprololJennifer CareyRPhPharmD.

Metoprolol could also pass into breast milkso ask your doctor about breastfeeding before taking metoprolol.

AMetoprololLopressoris a beta blocker used to treat high blood pressure and other heart conditions as directed by your doctorThe most common side effects with metoprolol are low blood pressurelow heart What is the cost of prednisone ratedizziness and fatigueOther side effects with metoprolol include thrombocytopenialow plateletsLosartanCozaaris an angiotensin II receptor blockerARBwhich is used to treat high blood pressure and other heart conditionsThe most common side effects with losartan are chest painfatigueanemiacough and weaknessOther side effects with losartan include thrombocytopenialow plateletsLasixfurosemideis a diuretic used to treat fluid retentionThe most common side effects with Lasix include constipationdry mouthblurred visiondizziness and sensitivity to the sunOther side effects with Lasix include thrombocytopenialow plateletsWarfarinCoumadinis a blood thinner used to prevent blood clotsThe most common side effect with warfarin is bleeding from any site such as bruising easilybloody noseblood in urine or stoolOther side effects with warfarin include low plateletsThrombocytopenia is any disorder in which there is an abnormally low amount of plateletsPlatelets are parts of the blood that help blood to clotThis condition is sometimes associated with abnormal bleeding.

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