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In today’s world, meticulousness is not a mere luxury; it’s the bedrock of everything we do at Retail Design Services. In an expansive field like ours, the focus must be on exactitude, intricate detailing, and employing the latest technological solutions. Our shared commitment to precision has revolutionized construction practices, notably through the incorporation of Building Information Modeling (BIM), Laser Scanning, and fast-tracking measurement technologies.

Such innovations are altering the way we catalog, refurbish, and oversee our infrastructures, thereby transforming our operational dynamics and benchmarks.


Customized Matterport 3D Scans

At Retail Design Services, we harness the power of Custom Matterport 3D Scans to provide an immersive, highly detailed view of your project space. This cutting-edge technology allows us to create a virtual environment that you can explore as if you were physically there, offering invaluable insights for design planning, construction, and facility management. These scans not only capture spatial dimensions with stunning accuracy but also offer the capability to annotate, modify, and share these virtual experiences. Whether you’re conceptualizing a new retail setup or planning a renovation, our use of Custom Matterport 3D Scans provides you with an essential, interactive tool for making informed decisions. With Retail Design Services and Matterport technology, your project takes on a new dimension of clarity and detail.

Leica Geosystems

At Retail Design Services, we leverage the industry-leading capabilities of Leica Geosystems Lasers to bring unparalleled precision and reliability to every project. These advanced laser systems allow us to capture highly accurate measurements in record time, ensuring that your designs are not just conceptual masterpieces, but also engineering marvels rooted in factual data. From initial surveys to final inspections, our use of Leica technology guarantees meticulous detail, enhancing workflow efficiency and, ultimately, saving both time and resources. With Retail Design Services and Leica Geosystems, you can rest assured that your project is in the hands of experts using the best tools in the business.



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